Hawk Bird

  • Registered on: 03/11/2015
  • Last connection: 02/11/2017



Reported issues: 606


20:57 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #298 (Done): CTD if destroying bot you are interfacing with
Applied in changeset commit:dv-revision-new|0f98e45931a7df8fe86e451b3220e11ec4ebad6a.
18:15 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #311 (Done): Items with ammo can be reloaded (E.g. grenades, throwing knives)
Applied in changeset commit:dv-revision-new|95c1fb889be313978cbe45e70af2186e36ecc944.


23:55 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #368 (Done): Add a new weapon for Securitybot3 so its bullets come out where they should
22:02 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #656 (Done): Jock's lines don't have lip sync
20:09 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #356 (Done): In Biomod, birds aren't set on fire by flare darts
19:22 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #220 (Done): 12_Vandenberg_Gas: Jock plays infolink twice if you kill Tiffany while talking ...
Think this was fixed in 1.2
19:21 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #177 (Done): 10_Paris_Catacombs_Tunnels: Agent Hela doesn't have an animation for holding th...
Replaced with a SuperWiB that can hold two handed weapons with one hand.
19:17 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #656: Jock's lines don't have lip sync
Barks don't have lip sync.
19:16 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #599 (Done): Assault rifle is too small and makes NPC's hands float when holding it
Fixed with ThirdPersonScale
19:15 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #424 (Done): The LAW and ILAW are severely cut off in the in-hand model.

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