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02:11 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #426 (Won't fix): 08_NYC_Street - box by the black vans in Hells Kitchen is impossible to get to
02:02 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #552 (Done): Grenades can be lost without being thrown in easy to replicate situations
01:38 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #477 (Done): Intro Cutscenes and Ending Subtitles
01:36 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #16 (Done): Display for recoil (and possibly other stuff) is screwed up
Applied in changeset commit:dv-revision-new|5501296915176c326602b60d2e82a2d516678fbb.
01:12 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #16 (In Progress): Display for recoil (and possibly other stuff) is screwed up


20:57 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #298 (Done): CTD if destroying bot you are interfacing with
Applied in changeset commit:dv-revision-new|0f98e45931a7df8fe86e451b3220e11ec4ebad6a.
18:15 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #311 (Done): Items with ammo can be reloaded (E.g. grenades, throwing knives)
Applied in changeset commit:dv-revision-new|95c1fb889be313978cbe45e70af2186e36ecc944.


23:55 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #368 (Done): Add a new weapon for Securitybot3 so its bullets come out where they should
22:02 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #656 (Done): Jock's lines don't have lip sync
20:09 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #356 (Done): In Biomod, birds aren't set on fire by flare darts

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