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23:13 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #357 (Done): In Biomod, the fire damage of flare darts doesn't make you fail the 'non-lethal' challenge, but the impact damage does
Think I fixed this.
13:34 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #623 (Won't fix): Greasels are said to have toxic spit, but it only knocks out people due mechanics of poison
13:30 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #18 (Done): AllAmmo cheat should give all ammo for all weapons, regardless of if they are obtained
Applied in changeset commit:dv-revision-new|60f8da911451b5d170cf0c24a06ae1225f987b06.
13:27 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #28 (Done): Cheats should persist across maps
Applied in changeset commit:dv-revision-new|af0482caf4d9a0bde11d94757e5cd3c12324f7c7.


00:35 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #550: Add animated air traffic when looking up at the sky
Done for 03_NYC_Hangar
00:30 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #231 (Done): 14_OceanLab_Lab: Karkians eat body through floor
Fixed by #150
00:30 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #614 (Done): 12_Vandenberg_Computer: This texture should be updated
Replaced this texture with a logo a few years ago.
00:27 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #575 (Done): 06_HongKong_WanChai_Underworld: Add more unique music
00:11 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #150 (Done): Greasels and karkians can eat bodies that are above them
Applied in changeset commit:dv-revision-new|fbcae6b32dc5aa9ffda67cf9ba58fa5424f95d9b.
23:55 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #561 (Done): Have more actions make sounds
Did this a while back for most objects, haven't done it for reloading or unholstering, but don't know if I want to an...

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