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19:46 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #746: Vandenberg laptop redesign
John French wrote:
> Given that the laptops are built out of map geometry and are not 3D models- and that both level...
Sam Keightley
19:39 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #761: Vandenberg - Remove vans surrounding front guard tower
Connects to #774 Sam Keightley


11:49 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #777: Deus EX HR fashion to NPC's
I would consider revamping the complete set of character models to be outside the means of just the pursuit of polis... Sam Keightley


22:14 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #777 (New): Deus EX HR fashion to NPC's
This is a rather ambiguous and overarching suggestion that would never truly be complete, but is worth talking about ... Sam Keightley
21:55 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #744: Fix incorrect brick texture on slope in Paris metros
This is a shame as it's apart from the train and the sortie sign the only issue with an otherwise perfectly designed ... Sam Keightley
21:38 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #776: MJ12 trooper redesigns
With regard to the inspirations, the colorations are not accurate and the final result should share the current MJ12 ... Sam Keightley
21:37 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #776 (New): MJ12 trooper redesigns
Since the player spends most of the time fighting MJ12 infantry, it would be a great benefit to redesign these so tha... Sam Keightley
21:29 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #718: Paris nightclub update and Hong Kong nightclub redesign
I'll think more on this to how the maximal effect can be achieved with minimal effort on the part of the artists, whi... Sam Keightley
21:27 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #720: Underworld redesign
The alterations wouldn't have to lead to a complete redesign of the level, the main concepts the images highlight wou... Sam Keightley
21:09 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #712: Icarus taunts player through a small number of animated billboards in Paris
It wouldn't need to change as the billboard will always be in the hacked and taunting state, as Icarus is already tau... Sam Keightley

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