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04:25 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #479: Improve the stats on Jock's Pistol
This is more of a comparison of stats of Jock's Pistol compared to the values in Shifter and Biomod. In normal it mak...
04:18 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #440: 10_Paris_Metro - This Paris cafe gives infinite food
I check them every time I make a full playthrough and some of the earlier ones have been fixed (Mechanic at the 747 f...
04:14 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #441: 10_Paris_Metro: The Paris cafe father sits oddly
Seems to always sit strange in one way or another. Most of the time he isn't centered, but sometimes he is just way o...


06:10 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #476: Inventory overlap problems (Shifter)
As per your suggestion, I turned cheats off to see what would happen. There is still something happening that is wron...
03:10 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #471: When you die and start a new game your entire inventory can go to the new game
I can confirm that it happens 100% of the time when you have a weapon out and die. And it did not happen while unarmed.
02:42 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #426: 08_NYC_Street - box by the black vans in Hells Kitchen is impossible to get to
That explains a lot. Maybe you could move the boxes out to where the collision detection won't come into play?
02:39 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #481: 04_NYC_NSFHQ - There is no way to see the train
Tested it again. This one seems to be working like you said. I must have opened an old map and did not see the differ...
02:33 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #491: 14_Oceanlab_Silo - These alarm trips do nothing, and door BSP
Tested it again. Still doesn't look like anything happened. Nothing audible and nothing within the immediate area cha...
02:23 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #444: 11_Paris_Cathedral - I found a way to knock Gunther unconsicous.
Unless this is new to, then he should be killable only from what I understand. When he dies normally or throu...


07:49 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #500 (New): 06_HongKong_HeliBase - Killing guards with the poison gas doesn't break the no kills challenge (Biomod)
Killing all of the guards with the poison gas in Hong Kong MJ12 helipad doesn't break the no kills challenge.

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