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789Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLowMission1.DL_WarmCold - bugged, won't trigger the "getting colder" lineBjörn EhrbyConversation01/10/2017 00:16
780Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLowXX_NYC_BatteryPark: Subway doors are too small, have gaps between it and the trainGeometry14/10/2016 00:07
715Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLowAncient Sword does not glow in third person viewJason WanatMesh27/09/2016 15:20
713Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLow12_Vandenberg_Computer: Texture, geometry and minor design issuesMapping, non-Geo03/10/2016 20:50
686Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLowRedo Liberty Island skybox textures.Cecilia RaffaeliTexture12/06/2016 19:25
685Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedHigh06_HongKong_WanChai_Market: Canal Road Tunnel is in the wrong location compared to cardinal directions givenGeometry25/10/2016 04:13
655Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedNormalCommandos have unused sounds as they never fleeCode23/02/2016 06:00
649Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedNormal09_NYC_Ship: Can get stuck in the elevator shaftMapping, non-Geo15/02/2016 19:32
642Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedNormal05_NYC_UNATCOMJ12Lab: Make the MJ12 and repairbot/medbot alliances permanentMapping, non-Geo02/05/2016 12:11
616Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedNormal12_Vandenberg_Computer: Able to see the bottom of the computerMapping, non-Geo11/02/2016 13:26
612Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedNormal12_Vandenberg_Tunnels: The visual enhancement aug is shorted out by these coloursBjörn EhrbyMisc20/02/2016 02:14
600Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLowAcoustic gunfire sensors are set off by flamethrowers.Code10/02/2016 23:52
555Deus Ex: RevisionBugsNewLowJC's 3rd person model is hunched over instead of standing straight after a melee attackCode05/02/2016 10:14
554Deus Ex: RevisionBugsNewLowJC's 3rd person reload animation barely plays for pistolJason WanatMesh18/11/2016 18:43
552Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedNormalGrenades can be lost without being thrown in easy to replicate situationsCode07/05/2016 12:06
551Deus Ex: RevisionBugsNewLow09_NYC_ShipBelow: Top of textureless lights can be seenGeometry03/02/2016 19:45
547Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedNormal15_Area51_Bunker: Softlock locationsGeometry26/10/2016 18:53
546Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedNormalxx_NYC_Street: Bad lighting/shadows outside the barMapping, non-Geo13/12/2015 18:14
541Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedHigh15_Area51_Final: FPS drop at Helios chamberGeometry06/12/2015 13:10
537Deus Ex: RevisionBugsNewNormalxx_NYC_Street: Look into cardinal directions givenBjörn EhrbyMisc05/12/2015 13:14
523Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLow06_HongKong_Storage: Improperly scaled texture on UC moverMapping, non-Geo23/11/2015 18:02
511Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLowXX_NYC_UNATCOHQ: Paul's picture in his office doesn't match his appearance in gameCode17/11/2015 16:52
508Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLow04_NYC_NSFHQ: Reduce the number of sounds emitted by the laser grid in the sewers Code14/02/2016 02:19
500Deus Ex: RevisionBugsNewLow06_HongKong_HeliBase - Killing guards with the poison gas doesn't break the no kills challenge (Biomod)Code22/11/2015 19:22
495Deus Ex: RevisionBugsNewNormal15_Area51_Entrance: Walton Simons can teleportBjörn EhrbyMisc25/02/2016 16:48

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