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12Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLowCan run silent for a second while exiting crouchCode02/11/2015 23:34
15Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowFigure out what to do with HK_SewersGeometry03/11/2015 15:51
16Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLowDisplay for recoil (and possibly other stuff) is screwed upCode07/11/2015 03:06
18Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowAllAmmo cheat should give all ammo for all weapons, regardless of if they are obtainedCode11/02/2016 19:08
24Deus Ex: RevisionBugsNewNormalX51 gun either has bad audio for silenced hits or doesn't come with a silencer when it shouldJohn FrenchAudio/Music17/11/2015 13:16
26Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewNormalSimons' Aggressive Defensive Aug should have increased rangeCode14/02/2016 22:00
28Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewLowCheats should persist across mapsCode04/11/2015 00:18
29Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewNormalB variants of troops should be added to mapsMapping, non-Geo23/03/2016 00:27
30Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewLowGreasel AI changesCode15/05/2016 12:44
33Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLowTech goggles don’t work properly with targeting augCode18/02/2016 23:36
35Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLowTech Goggles don't refresh fast enoughCode04/11/2015 00:31
36Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowScrambled Robots shoot everythingCode17/10/2016 02:07
37Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewNormalNano-keys should use the other skins more oftenMapping, non-Geo04/11/2015 00:33
39Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLowAshtray has no polygon on the bottom of the modelMesh07/11/2015 13:41
45Deus Ex: RevisionBugsNewLow01_NYC_UNATCOHQ: Repair Bot doesn't do animationMapping, non-Geo22/06/2016 13:15
52Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLowThe conversation with the mole person continues if the thug on the left is killedMisc11/11/2015 21:20
76Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLow03_NYC_747: Anna can talk to the player after being attackedMapping, non-Geo19/02/2016 00:36
99Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedNormal05_NYC_UNATCOMJ12Lab: Possible to get stuck in command centreLe SwankyGeometry07/11/2015 05:00
123Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLow06_HongKong_TongBase: Doors stop if one is destroyedMapping, non-Geo07/11/2015 14:37
134Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLow06_HongKong_WanChai_Underworld: Computer with no emailsJohn FrenchMisc17/11/2015 13:11
138Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLowPool table balls go off the pool table if completedBjörn EhrbyMisc07/11/2015 15:13
150Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLowGreasels and karkians can eat bodies that are above themCode16/02/2016 14:41
156Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLow08_NYC_Smug: Camera angles during Smuggler conversation seem badBjörn EhrbyMisc09/10/2016 21:07
157Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLow08_NYC_Smug: Smuggler finds it hard to attackMapping, non-Geo07/11/2015 16:29
158Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLow08_NYC_Smug: Items thrown on the computer spin wildlyMapping, non-Geo07/11/2015 16:30

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