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788Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedHawk AI IdeasCode20/08/2017 04:14
786Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedNormalXX_NYC_Street: Make Osgood's have a consistent layout, especially for 08Geometry24/12/2016 02:06
780Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLowXX_NYC_BatteryPark: Subway doors are too small, have gaps between it and the trainGeometry14/10/2016 00:07
777Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedDeus EX HR fashion to NPC's07/10/2016 11:49
776Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedMJ12 trooper redesigns03/10/2016 21:38
775Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedTriads redesign03/10/2016 21:01
774Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedMJ12 APC redesign to replace those generic poorly scaled vans in Vandenberg03/10/2016 20:39
772Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedPolice vehicle redesigns03/10/2016 20:31
771Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLow00_Intro: Adjust lighting in to more illuminate The HandGeometry04/10/2016 13:27
766Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowRedesign and replace current damaged vehiclesMapping, non-Geo03/10/2016 16:08
765Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewLowVandenberg laboratory overhaulGeometry03/10/2016 16:13
743Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewLow11_Paris_Underground: Sortie sign placementGeometry02/10/2016 13:39
742Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowUpdate globe to remove texture issue with 3rd party assetMesh21/10/2016 22:14
739Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowReplace Vandenberg base stone text with correct oneTexture03/10/2016 20:14
736Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowRemove rotating USAF roundel from Vandenberg foyerGeometry03/10/2016 18:17
726Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowCivilian vehicle redesigns + improved placementsMesh03/10/2016 18:07
723Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedAdd NYC ambiance to Hells Kitchen03/10/2016 20:05
720Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedUnderworld redesign03/10/2016 21:27
718Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedParis nightclub update and Hong Kong nightclub redesign03/10/2016 21:29
713Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLow12_Vandenberg_Computer: Texture, geometry and minor design issuesMapping, non-Geo03/10/2016 20:50
712Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowIcarus taunts player through a small number of animated billboards in ParisTexture03/10/2016 21:09
709Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedROF weapon mod + Assault Rifle Elite removal23/09/2016 18:51
708Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLow06_HongKong_EnteringScene: Reanimate Hong Kong MJ12 helicopter landing animation Mapping, non-Geo03/10/2016 21:39
707Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowHelicopter redesigns to suit roles they perform and situational variations/transitions of helicopter states + improved interactions with JockMesh03/10/2016 21:36
706Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewLow03_NYC_747: Juan Lebidev Airliner RedesignGeometry27/09/2016 20:18

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