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789Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLowMission1.DL_WarmCold - bugged, won't trigger the "getting colder" lineBjörn EhrbyConversation01/10/2017 00:16
788Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedHawk AI IdeasCode20/08/2017 04:14
786Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedNormalXX_NYC_Street: Make Osgood's have a consistent layout, especially for 08Geometry24/12/2016 02:06
782Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowRedesign ShipBelow (PRCS Wall Cloud Lower Decks) to accurately match the scale of the ship shown in 09_Ship.Le SwankyGeometry21/10/2016 00:34
781Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedNormalNew Battery Park Subway signCecilia RaffaeliTexture19/10/2016 19:03
780Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLowXX_NYC_BatteryPark: Subway doors are too small, have gaps between it and the trainGeometry14/10/2016 00:07
779Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowDynamic textures for the ComputerSecurity depending on the image it usesBjörn EhrbyCode19/10/2016 19:46
777Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedDeus EX HR fashion to NPC's07/10/2016 11:49
776Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedMJ12 trooper redesigns03/10/2016 21:38
775Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedTriads redesign03/10/2016 21:01
774Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedMJ12 APC redesign to replace those generic poorly scaled vans in Vandenberg03/10/2016 20:39
773Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowRadio broadcast sessionsJohn FrenchAudio/Music03/10/2016 20:29
772Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedPolice vehicle redesigns03/10/2016 20:31
771Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLow00_Intro: Adjust lighting in to more illuminate The HandGeometry04/10/2016 13:27
770Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLow02_NYC_BatteryPark: Add some environmental storytelling touches to the subway station.Hawk BirdMapping, non-Geo19/10/2016 15:17
766Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowRedesign and replace current damaged vehiclesMapping, non-Geo03/10/2016 16:08
765Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewLowVandenberg laboratory overhaulGeometry03/10/2016 16:13
764Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedVandenberg - Replacement of poor quality and inconsistent interior signageLe Swanky03/10/2016 17:35
763Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedAdd glass wall to Vandenberg conference roomLe SwankyGeometry03/10/2016 17:40
762Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedVandenberg - Appropriate base building signageLe Swanky03/10/2016 16:58
761Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedVandenberg - Remove vans surrounding front guard towerLe Swanky17/10/2016 19:39
760Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedUpdate Vandenberg skyboxCecilia Raffaeli03/10/2016 17:00
759Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedVandenberg - replace rubber matting in foyer and CC with mirror tiles like those in Vandenberg Computer FoyerLe Swanky03/10/2016 17:45
758Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedVandenberg Control Center - Main lights, plant and switch placementLe SwankyMapping, non-Geo03/10/2016 17:19
757Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedVandenberg Control Center - Add light switches to smaller alcove on level 2Le SwankyMapping, non-Geo05/02/2017 04:51
756Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedVandenberg Control Center - Position adjustment to level 2 alcove lights and fansLe SwankyGeometry05/02/2017 04:54
751Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewLowVandenberg control center level 1 and 2 display panels need backing monitorsLe SwankyGeometry03/10/2016 17:30
749Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedAdd lighting to Vandenberg control center ground floor alcovesLe SwankyMapping, non-Geo03/10/2016 17:35
748Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedTrim out redundant decorative signage in command building ground floorLe Swanky03/10/2016 17:37
747Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedVandenberg foyer logo and flag fixesLe Swanky03/10/2016 17:41
745Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowUpdate Vandenberg Air Force conference logo to hologram Cecilia RaffaeliTexture03/10/2016 17:47
743Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewLow11_Paris_Underground: Sortie sign placementGeometry02/10/2016 13:39
742Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowUpdate globe to remove texture issue with 3rd party assetMesh21/10/2016 22:14
741Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowFix Vandenberg trailer scale in loading dock of ammunition storage buildingLe SwankyGeometry03/10/2016 17:58
739Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowReplace Vandenberg base stone text with correct oneTexture03/10/2016 20:14
738Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowVandenberg giant USAF typeface correctionCecilia RaffaeliTexture03/10/2016 19:08
737Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowUpdate Vandenberg USA cabin flagCecilia RaffaeliTexture03/10/2016 18:07
736Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowRemove rotating USAF roundel from Vandenberg foyerGeometry03/10/2016 18:17
734Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowAdd Vandenberg base utilitiesLe SwankyGeometry03/10/2016 18:53
733Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowReplace Vandenberg Apache posterCecilia Raffaeli03/10/2016 18:54
732Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewLowAdvertise Vuckan as a subtle nod to the now abandoned Battlefield 2142Cecilia RaffaeliTexture03/10/2016 19:00
730Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedVandenberg AA unit redesignHaris Buzis03/10/2016 19:14
729Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedUndecidedParis Metro train replacementLe Swanky03/10/2016 20:03
727Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedUndecidedCreate user interface and HUD animations for all terminals John French03/10/2016 20:17
726Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsTriagedLowCivilian vehicle redesigns + improved placementsMesh03/10/2016 18:07
723Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedAdd NYC ambiance to Hells Kitchen03/10/2016 20:05
720Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedUnderworld redesign03/10/2016 21:27
718Deus Ex: RevisionSuggestionsNewUndecidedParis nightclub update and Hong Kong nightclub redesign03/10/2016 21:29
715Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLowAncient Sword does not glow in third person viewJason WanatMesh27/09/2016 15:20
713Deus Ex: RevisionBugsTriagedLow12_Vandenberg_Computer: Texture, geometry and minor design issuesMapping, non-Geo03/10/2016 20:50

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