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Vandenberg laboratory overhaul

Added by Sam Keightley over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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I have often been puzzled by how bare this area of the building is. Would recommend a complete overhaul of the main room , and the isolated section to make it look like a laboratory. including the removal of storage creates, sofas and anything else non lab related.

The window through to the security room shouldn't be there as the security room's visibility for access control, not monitoring of the staff. Also it would be a negative experience for the scientists to feel as though they're been watched by a hawk by someone less competent and educated that they are.

The main entry door should be replaces with a single electrical sliding door like the two doors that separate the two sections of the lab. This slides into the wall away form the security office.

This also presents an opportunity to exert creative control over that lab and go ham with filling it in, making it a much better area than what vanilla ever was plus improving the level, the mod and immersion in general. For inspiration, I've included a number of concepts of well thought out and professional labs, and one real one.


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Re-examining this area and potentially giving it some extra flavor would be nice. Not likely to actually happen anytime soon, if ever- Harry took a long (lifetime?) vacation after Revision 1.0 went live.

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