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Vandenberg - Appropriate base building signage

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This suggestion is the second step after suggestion #740 where erroneous glowing building over signage is removed.

This suggestion now adds appropriate signs the correct way. Firstly the sign out the front of the Barracks is perfect and will be used to create the new signs required by the other 4 buildings, and any other subsequent building in the future.

So #740 also recommends removing ammunition storage signs, advertising this is both unintelligent and a recipe for disaster. Once this is done the building closest to the entrance of the base can be labeled with sign exactly like the Barracks with "Logistics" written on it, this is appropriate due to the loading docks. The sign should have a height similar to that of the height the Barracks sign is off of the ground and centered between both edges of the garage doors of the loading docks. This building is responsible for receiving and sending supplies to keep the base running. The adjoining building should then be labelled "Quartermaster" as this building is responsible for the provision of goods and equipment to base personnel. The sign should be the same height as the sign for logistics, and be centrally positioned between the edge of the building and the edge of the garage door.

A sign for the security bay should be added directly above the security bay entry door with the writing "AFSEC", centrally aligned to the door with a horizontal height directly in the middle of the top edge of the door and the center of the warning lights just above it. AFSEC stands for Air Force Security.

Communications should be labelled ACOMS which stands for Air and Space Communication Squadron The sign should be to the right of the door, same height of the ground as the Barracks sign with the same distance away from the door as the Quartermasters sign is away its edge to building edge. the information is provided to the player at the start of the level via an image. The image for this level should be updated to accommodate the logistics, Qurtermaster, AFSEC and ACOMS buildings. Logistics and Quartermasters do handle ammunition, but also handle everything else to keep the base running as well.

All of these signs should look identical to the Barracks sign with the exception of the text. Aged and weathered, with the correct colors etc etc.


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Something for a level designer and Cecilia to consider.

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