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Vandenberg Control Center - Main lights, plant and switch placement

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This is the most important repositioning after the work on the large alcove on level 2, and will also be the one that will hopefully be the least noticeable. The three main lights that shine down onto the ground floor from the roof need to have their centers placed 25% of total room length between either edges of the length of this room or another light, so you will have three lights with 4 gaps between them and each gap is 25% room length between light centers. The plants underneath them are centered to be exactly underneath the lights giving another dimension of balance to the space.

There are two light switches that can turn these lights off, one is located on the other side of the door on the same side as the security terminal. The switch's vertical height is exactly inline with the center of the security terminal and is two switch widths away from the edge of the door. Luckily the door doesn't open inwards to the room so the switch won't be blocked by the door as it opens.

The second switch is located on the far side of the door that connects to the generator room and the stairs leading up to the level 2 alcoves. It's positioned two switch lengths away from the door and with a vertical center height of 50% that of the door height.


#1 Updated by Sam Keightley over 3 years ago

Due to the size of the lights, the light intensity should be greater than that of the altered ones in the level 2 alcove, should produce some spectacular lighting effects when combined with the green glow from the plant panes and the colors from the vending machines.

#2 Updated by John French over 3 years ago

Much like #757, Interesting. Worth having a level designer experiment a bit with this, and see if adding in dynamic area lighting would artistically feasible.

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