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Vandenberg Control Center - Add light switches to smaller alcove on level 2

Added by Sam Keightley over 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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This is more to match the functionality of the larger alcove the other side of the display, but adds polish to the mod but adding these extra small details. The positioning is ideal as they are guaranteed paths players and people in reality would take to enter and exit the space as well as being intuitive.

The switch near the display is the exact same as the switch on the other side, it's center is in between the edge of the centered display and the edge of the wall, with a vertical height of 50% wall height.

The switch near the door should be 50% wall height and who switch widths away from the door, on the side opposite the hinges.

The intensity of the light should also match the modified light intensity of the larger alcove to improve light coverage and effect.


#1 Updated by John French over 3 years ago

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Interesting. Would need to evaluate how the lighting scheme would work when implemented- dynamic lights and geometry shadows don't mix, so it's entirely possible that this wouldn't turn out very well.

#2 Updated by Hawk Bird about 3 years ago

Another issue is that I believe that dynamic lighting doesn't affect NPC visibility, so turning off the lights the AI will still act as if they're on and see you in the dark.

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