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When you die and start a new game your entire inventory can go to the new game

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This was with shifter enabled. I did most of the intro mission down to reporting to Manderly. After he killed me, I started a new game, but had all of my gear from the previous one. The basic new game inventory spawned on top of the old inventory. It was not repeatable.


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We think this is due to having a weapon out when dying, can you try and verify if it happens all the time with a weapon out?


Updated by Haios Alumiren over 6 years ago

I can confirm that it happens 100% of the time when you have a weapon out and die. And it did not happen while unarmed.


Updated by Hawk Bird over 6 years ago

Try moving


Above the part where you destroy the inventory in DeusExPlayer.ResetPlayerToDefaults


Updated by Hawk Bird about 6 years ago

Well scratch all of this, I didn't fix it.

From what I found, this only happens if the player dies, while holding a weapon.

I appear to have fixed this by just making sure nothing's in the player's hand and deleting the player's inventory on death. From my experience with the phoenix glitch it seems that the game keeps your inventory on you, in ghost form at least.

When you die your inventory goes to both yourself and your carcass (or something). Upon looting your carcass you gain all of your weapons, but your ammo is reset to defaults (plus the randomized ammo from the carcass). But, if you don't loot your carcass and open your inventory you appear to have nothing. BUT if you don't loot your carcass and leave the map, you DO have your inventory, so for some reason you do actually have it, but it's not displayed until map change.


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