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Which is the best way to Migrate MBOX or EML files into Outlook 365

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On-premises email clients and servers are losing favor with many companies and organizations as cloud apps and servers gain popularity.

Many users are drawn to cloud platforms like Microsoft 365 and are encouraged to continue their data migration by the features such as anywhere data accessibility, gains without application installation, better security, more storage capacity, automatic product updates, no risk of data loss, no requirement for external applications, integrated collaborative applications, etc.

Along with Outlook and other well-known email clients, migration to the Microsoft 365 platform is also required for MBOX email clients. As with every migration and import, certain guidelines must be followed by the user to choose an appropriate, practical solution. As such, you are welcome here.

This article is based on the same need and several potential solutions that might assist you in importing MBOX files into Microsoft 365. Consider these options carefully before making your own choice.

Free Ways to Manually Convert an MBOX File to a PST File are not advised.
Try this instead: For MBOX File:
For EML files:

Using Office 365's native MBOX import feature

There isn't a simple manual way to import MBOX files into Microsoft 365. In actuality, Mozilla Thunderbird is the only MBOX email client that supports this conversion technique. It is thus recommended to move the data from any other MBOX email clients to Thunderbird first. Additionally, transfer all the essential emails needed for the migration to Microsoft 365 to a single Thunderbird mailbox folder.

Basic Concept

As for the solution we are talking about, it requires two-step processes:

  1. Users would first transfer Thunderbird emails to a PST file folder.
  2. The PST file folder is transferred to Outlook for Office 365 in the subsequent phase.

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