Hawk Bird

  • Registered on: 03/11/2015
  • Last connection: 15/08/2017



Reported issues: 534


20:03 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #262 (Done): 99_Endgame4: Unable to exit
Applied in changeset commit:dv-revision-new|1c7353a77cd58078690ed35cdfecfc8fc002d221.


04:54 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #629 (Done): Allow the player to select conversation options using the keyboard
Applied in changeset commit:dv-revision-new|18785ff93c749f761b5d43debd65b724d2d9fc6b.


08:27 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #287 (Done): Chinese sign texture has incorrect wording
Removed all copies from maps, but issue still remains in texture package if you care I guess.
08:25 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #670 (Done): 12_Vandenberg_Cmd: Door to medical bay and storage is bigger than gap
Applied in changeset commit:dv-revision-new|e6cbf2ff6041ec8084d3ce70e7100ec87526096b.


18:21 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #785 (Done): 09_NYC_ShipBelow: Breakroom windows connected to engine room seem to be connected
Applied in changeset commit:dv-revision-new|d560572279d0e1e8204a08172da1645ecb3f0341.


06:09 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #355 (Done): Replace Scissors class with Scissor2* classes in maps
Turns out Scissors2* used the Scissors mesh instead of the Scissors2 mesh.


23:32 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #788 (New): Hawk AI Ideas
Tie timed flame damage to the instigator, like poison.
Have AI react to objects that have been picked up and moved


12:55 Deus Ex: Revision Suggestions #627 (Done): Add options for crosshairs


14:45 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #5: Fix super jump exploit
MenuScreenOptions contains MenuChoice_HUDAugDisplay
MenuChoice_HUDAugDisplay calls player.AugmentationSystem.Refre...


14:53 Deus Ex: Revision Bugs #246 (Done): 15_Area51_Bunker: Body in green water by generator doesn't float
Applied in changeset commit:dv-revision-new|636433b7dcd2ab2a22f2f90fc202ef2dd6e11fa1.

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